Businessman Issam Hourani Khorani prevails in the UK’s High Courts of Justice.

The Issam Hourani Khorani shattered all allegations brought against him in the alledged Issam Hourani Khornai worldwide fabricated internet campaign.

Issam Hourani Khorani During the court, which took 10 days, Mr.Hourani’s counsel, Heather Rogers QC, was able to show the Mr.Hourani has no no relation not only in the death of  Anastasiya Novikova; also to forged documents, money laundering, affiliation to political and radical groups, rape, torture and kidnapping.

The judge ruled that the allegations were “untenable”, and revealed that the campaign was managed and organized by dancers and actors by US-based John Michael Waller in exchange for money upon the instructions of one or more client (s).

Waller controlled a company named Psybersolutions that was used to achieve the purposes of the campaign, and it was responsible for all the conduct complained of which was not pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime.

All the allegations against Mr.Hourani; destroyed.  The court further made judgement to reveal whom the client is. And the battle continues.

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